How to Write a Creative Blog Post for Business

How to Write a Creative Blog Post for Business

As lead Copy Writer of the TENT project, Brittany German (BA Creative Writing and Publishing) strives to create unique and engaging blog posts to disseminate the project’s success. Keeping in tune with the project’s goals, Brittany endeavours to pool together the highlights of both business and art. Here are the steps she follows to begin your creative blog posts…

Step 1: Come up with a seaworthy metaphor!

Your metaphor doesn’t have to be related to the sea! But it should be strong. An intriguing blog post will have a unifying element that ties everything together. Not only is this the central idea of your blog post but it is also a metaphor to swim back to when you’re getting lost. When approaching rough waters, don’t freeze, remember the metaphor you chose and use it to create flow through your post!

Step 2: Outline your pirate ship!

Your ship is your content and everything you need is on it. But it’s important to build a sturdy foundation or you’re bound to sink. Your blog post must flow from bow to stern; start specific, a pinpointed idea, then restate your main idea at the stern. Between starboard and port is where you put all your extra information, the stuff you don’t need right away, but need to sail the ship. But don’t forget, if you put too much in there, you’ll sink!

Step 3: Hire an eclectic crew!

Yes, you’re the captain of this ship but it isn’t all about you. Although you may call the shots, there’s a whole crew working together behind you. Unless your blog post is specifically about you, it’s likely that your crew should be involved to help hoist the sails and fire the cannons. Use other peoples’ input, quote what they have to say, acknowledge their effort. If you don’t, they might make you walk the plank.

Step 4: Focus on your North Star!

You set sail with one idea in mind and this is what you need to stick to. If you see a whirlpool in front of you, and it’s trying to take you down a whole new stream of thinking, turn that wheel and continue on your charted course. Take out your compass and refocus on your North Star.

Step 5: Keep your ship spick and span!

You may have done everything else right, but if you don’t fix up your ship a few times you’ll set sail on a ticking time bomb. This may take some time, and it may not be the most fun, but everyone else will be happy you’ve done it. Make sure you’ve polished the hardwood (polish the words and sentences), fixed the holes (make sure you aren’t missing any factual information), and replaced the rations but keep the rum (avoid cliché, use fresh ideas, but keep the good stuff).

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Full speed ahead!

By Brittany German