Creating Leaders & Impact

Introducing another fine creative problem solving (CPS) facilitator: Sandra Ghobrial, a fourth-year BBA Marketing student. Sandra is a skilled operator of the sticky notes, papers that appear at every facilitation–they just wouldn’t be CPS facilitations otherwise!

The recurring challenge in these sessions is to conceive ideas that haven’t yet been exposed, and Sandra is eager to make this happen. When she’s in charge, she works hard with her collaborators to follow the breadcrumbs that one average idea leaves on its way to a sweet discovery.

To Sandra, the biggest payoff is seeing her client have that ah-ha! moment. It’s rewarding revealing ideas to her clients that they had never thought of before.

See Sandra’s video to hear her take on things!

TENT Collaboration Featured in Alchemy 

The word spreads thanks to Brittany German’s pen. The collaboration’s lead wordsmith, German (BA, Creative Writing & Publishing) is raising awareness about the impact we’re bringing to Sheridan students and Toronto’s theatre community.


Super Fun Creativity Workshop!

Kate Dockeray (BA, Photography) was the project’s first Creative Documenter. Find out how she used her artistic talent to share our story and what she’s learned from our collaboration with Toronto Fringe.


Creative Problem Solving at the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals

Who doesn’t love a road trip? The mere suggestion invokes the idea of an adventure: discoveries to be unearthed, friendships formed, strengthened, deepened. All of this is exactly what happened when we took our collaboration with Toronto Fringe on the road one grey day in early November and headed west to the town of Windsor.


New Opportunities for Toronto’s Artists

We designed and instructed innovation workshops for TENT & Toronto Fringe in July 2018. Find out what we did and what’s in store for fall 2018!

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Alexadanra Simpson, Brandon McFarlane, Christopher Hedrick, Allan Turner. Photo by Kate Dockeray.


Creative Humanities houses multiple research projects directed by Dr. Brandon McFarlane, a Professor of Creativity and Creative Thinking at Sheridan College.

We’re committed to pursuing new forms of humanities research and education that better serve students and Candaian communities. We’re thankful for the support of funders. Our collaboration with Toronto Fringe is the product of a College & Community Social Innovation Fund grant (SSHRC) and our partnership with Breakthroughs Film Festival is fueld by a SRCA Growth Grant (Sheridan).
Mobilizing Social Innovation to Train the Next Generation of Theatre Entrepreneurs

We’re leveraging Sheridan’s expertise in social innovation and community-engaged research to expand Toronto Fringe’s Theatre Entrepreneurs’ Networking and Training program (TENT) and recommend models for fiscal sustainability.

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Breaking Through Barriers to Gender Equity in Candian Film

We’re harnessing humanities research and creative problem solving (CPS) to facilitate the development of a new, three-year strategic plan for Breakthroughs Film Festival.

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