Sheridan Students Take Centre Stage at Toronto Fringe

Oavkille News featured our project work at this year’s Toronto Fringe Festival.  “Sheridan College research students have a front row seat at this year’s Toronto Fringe Festival, which kicks off July 3. Sheridan students are generating a buzz in Toronto’s theatre industry for their pioneering work in expanding Toronto Fringe’s Theatre Entrepreneurs’ Networking and Training (TENT) program.”


Taking Care of Business

The Toronto Raptors aren’t the only ones bringing home hardware this spring: Victoria Webb (BBA Marketing Management) and Karly-Anna O’Brien (BBA Supply Chain Management 2019) won two major awards for their outstanding research. The Pilon School of Business all-stars have been applying their creativity and entrepreneurial know-how to train emerging producers in Toronto’s theatre community. These two exceptional women are slam dunking their way to success!

SWITCH and Orange Ribbon Award

TENT Project Featured by Sheridan Research

Our talent-orientated research is boosting the career development of Sheridan students and emerging theatre producers.


Creative Humanities Featured in Curiosities

Find out how an ecceltic team of undergraduate researchers at Sheridan College are collaborating with Toronto Fringe to bring new ideas to the Theatre Entrepreneurs’ Networking & Training program. Together, they’re helping emerging producers thrive in the theatre business.


TENT Collaboration Featured in Alchemy 

The word spreads thanks to Brittany German’s pen. The collaboration’s lead wordsmith, German (BA, Creative Writing & Publishing) is raising awareness about the impact we’re bringing to Sheridan students and Toronto’s theatre community.


Creative Problem Solving at the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals

Who doesn’t love a road trip? The mere suggestion invokes the idea of an adventure: discoveries to be unearthed, friendships formed, strengthened, deepened. All of this is exactly what happened when we took our collaboration with Toronto Fringe on the road one grey day in early November and headed west to the town of Windsor.


New Opportunities for Toronto Artists 

We designed and instructed innovation workshops for TENT & Toronto Fringe in July 2018. Find out what we did and what’s in store for fall 2018!

Alexadanra Simpson, Brandon McFarlane, Christopher Hedrick, Allan Turner. Photo by Kate Dockeray.

Undergraduate Research

We’re applying creative problem solving to bring social innovations to Toronto Fringe and enhance the development of top-talent in Canada’s theatre biz. Find out why our research matters and how you can use our insights.

Want to be a creative businessperson?

Victoria Webb (BBA, Marketing) shares how her research with the Creative Humanities is helping her become more open and adaptable, two creativity-boosting characteristics. Click the button below to find out how you can enhance your creativity with the right mindset.


5 Tips to Stay on Top of Work & School

Contributing to a major research project is, well, a lot of work! Robyn Miller (BA, Creative Writing & Publishing) shares how she balances a busy research and school schedule.


Inspiring the Domino Effect

Karly-Anna O’Brien (BBA, Supply Chain Management 2019) shares how she’s mobilizing her passion for entrepreneurialism to produce a domino effect in Toronto’s theatre community.


Get Creative when Blogging for Business

Brittany German (BA, Creative Writing & Publishing) is our lead copy writer on the TENT project. She shares some tips on how to craft content that fuses creativity with business.  With her help, you will not only be able to celebrate the value creativity brings to business but also showcase its impact through tantalizing prose.


The Importance of an Online Presence

Jacquelyn Ferguson (BA, Creative Writing & Publishing) shares how developing curriculum for the Theatre Entrepreneurs’ Networking and Training program helped her better appreciate how many opportunities social media opens up for emerging talent in the creative industries.



Creative Humanities is an experiment in talent-orientated research. We’re finding new models that boost the career development of undergraduate students, regarless of their area of practice. Most humanities projects make ideas; we make talent.

Striving to Contribute to 

The spotlight is on our latest hire, Taylor Zantingh, and she’s ready to rock the show! In Sheridan’s Creative Writing and Publishing program, Taylor is well known for her passion for all things creative, and her experience with local artists and writers.

Taylor Zantingh Headshot

The Importance of Teamwork in Marketing

Lynne Li is one of the latest additions to the Creative Humanities team, as well as a Sheridan student studying in the Bachelor of Marketing Management Program.

Lynne Li

Using Art to Inspire

Sheridan’s art student’s are a force to be reckoned with, and Sarah Whang is no exception to this rule. Sarah is currently in her thrid year of Sheridan’s Illustration Program, and her dedication to the craft is clear.

A headshot of Sarah Whang.

Thinking Outside the Box 

Ayesha Qamar is living proof that expressing your own personal creativity is possible in every field. Ayesha’s creative thinking helps her navigate through any and all problems. Currently working towards her Advanced Diploma in Computer Systems Analytics at Sheridan, Ayesha will be lending her creative problem solving skills to the TENT project.


Get Inclusive

Faizal Eidoo (BA, Creative Writing & Publishing) is helping emerging artrepreneurs thive and strives build upon his Creative Humanities research by making the Canadian publishing industry more inclusive.


Designing Talent & Creativity

Michael Rugo (BA, Interaction Design 2019) created our snazzy social media graphics and helped plan our dissemination campaigns. Find out how he’s adapting his user-design skills to showcase our outputs and collaborators’ achievements.


Creating Leaders & Impact

Sandra Ghobrial (BBA, Marketing 2019) is a skilled operator of the sticky notes, papers that appear at every facilitation–they just wouldn’t be CPS facilitations otherwise!

Super Fun Creativity Workshop!

Kate Dockeray (BA, Photography 2019) was the project’s first Creative Documenter. Find out how she used her artistic talent to share our story and what she’s learned from our collaboration with Toronto Fringe.


A Colourful New Logo 

Kayden Chan (BA, Illustration) designed two logos for the Creative Humanities project. Find out about Kayden’s creative process and how the abstract images tantalize curiosity.



We’re grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with amazing community partners in Toronto’s creative industries.

Mobilizing Social Innovation to Train the Next Generation of Theatre Entrepreneurs

We’re leveraging Sheridan’s expertise in social innovation and community-engaged research to expand Toronto Fringe’s Theatre Entrepreneurs’ Networking and Training program (TENT) and recommend models for fiscal sustainability.


Breaking Through Barriers to Gender Equity in Canadian Film

We applied humanities research and creative problem solving (CPS) to facilite a new, three-year strategic plan for Breakthroughs Film Festival.



Creative Humanities is a hub for research projects directed by Dr. Brandon McFarlane, a Professor of Creativity & Creative Thinking at Sheridan College.

We’re committed to creating new approaches to humanities research & education that better serve students and Canadian communities.

We’re grateful for the support of SSHRC and Sheridan College for our collaborations with Toronto Fringe and Breakthroughs Film Festival.