Creative Humanities is platform for applied research and innovation at Sheridan College. In 2016, the Creative Humanities was founded with the ambition of inspiring new approaches grounded in creative inquiry and critical innovation. We imagine optimistic futures for the humanities and higher education, and engage in the struggle work necessary to manifest those utopian visions in our everyday lives.

This website features our projects, celebrates the accomplishments of student researchers, and invites community members to reach out to explore opportunities for collaboration.


We’re mobilizing our expertise in creative problem solving, innovation management, and the humanities to solve pertinent challenges in higher education and the creative industries.

Children’s Book Jam 2021-22

A partnership between the School of Humanities and Creativity & School of Visual and Creative Arts which pilots a new model for the creation of illustrated children’s books that explore themes of social justice in which, breaking from current industry practices, the publisher, author, and illustrator co-create the book.

Sheridan: Everybody’s Got a Story 2021-22

Inspired by the Covid-19 lockdown and the desire to foster a sense of community, this project asks Sheridan community members open-ended, emotion-driven questions to get to the heart of their stories. The narratives will be published in an online, interactive map which shows how people from around the world converge at Sheridan College to explore their creativity. Once campus reopens, the stories may also be shared in an installation at the Creative Campus Galleries.

Remaking Critical Theory 2020-21

A partnership between the School of Humanities and Creativity & the School of Visual and Creative Arts that synthesized innovation management and artistic practices to help undergraduates better understand critical theory, and apply insights to solve challenges pertaining to equity, diversity, and inclusion in their industries.

Mobilizing Social Innovation to Train the Next Generation of Theatre Entrepreneurs 2018-21

Partnered with the Toronto Fringe Festival to enhance and expand its Theatre Entrepreneurs’ Networking and Training (TENT) program. Researched and formalized curriculum to provide year-to-year efficiencies and enhance rigor. Applied Creative Problem Solving to eliminate factors that were preventing equity-seeking communities from participating in TENT programming and recommended models for long-term fiscal sustainability.


Breaking Through Barriers to Gender Equity in Canadian Film 2018-19

Synthesized existing research to identify key obstacles to gender equity in the North American film and television sector. Three undergraduate researchers facilitated CPS sessions with Breakthroughs Film Festival’s Board of Directors to create the organization’s first strategic plan which reimagined the not-for-profit’s mandate from the perspective of intersectional feminism.



Creative Humanities is an experiment in talent-orientated research. We’ve created new models that boost the career development of undergraduate students, regardless of their area of practice. Most humanities projects make ideas; we make talent.

Community and Collaboration in the Time of Social Distancing

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Get Inclusive

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Choosing My Own Adventure

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Making Friends While Making a Difference

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Emerging from the Background

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Using Art to Inspire

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Thinking Outside the Box

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Designing Talent & Creativity

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Leap of Faith

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Entrepreneurship Series 

Jacquelyn Ferguson (BA, Creative Writing & Publishing) helped us develop curriculum for TENT. She transformed the 12 units into a blog series that introduces the basics of art-based entrepreneurship. Are you ready to unleash your inner artrepreneur?


TENT Project Featured by Sheridan Research

Our talent-orientated research is boosting the career development of Sheridan students and emerging theatre producers.


Sheridan Students Take Centre Stage at Toronto Fringe

Oavkille News featured our project work at this year’s Toronto Fringe Festival.  “Sheridan College research students have a front row seat at this year’s Toronto Fringe Festival, which kicks off July 3. Sheridan students are generating a buzz in Toronto’s theatre industry for their pioneering work in expanding Toronto Fringe’s Theatre Entrepreneurs’ Networking and Training (TENT) program.”

Theatre entrepreneurs learning how to apply creative problem solving strategies.

Taking Care of Business

The Toronto Raptors aren’t the only ones bringing home hardware this spring: Victoria Webb (BBA Marketing Management) and Karly-Anna O’Brien (BBA Supply Chain Management 2019) won two major awards for their outstanding research. The Pilon School of Business all-stars have been applying their creativity and entrepreneurial know-how to train emerging producers in Toronto’s theatre community. These two exceptional women are slam dunking their way to success!

SWITCH and Orange Ribbon Award

Creative Humanities Featured in Curiosities

Find out how an ecceltic team of undergraduate researchers at Sheridan College are collaborating with Toronto Fringe to bring new ideas to the Theatre Entrepreneurs’ Networking & Training program. Together, they’re helping emerging producers thrive in the theatre business.


New Opportunities for Toronto Artists 

We designed and instructed innovation workshops for TENT & Toronto Fringe in July 2018. Find out what we did and what’s in store for fall 2018!

Alexadanra Simpson, Brandon McFarlane, Christopher Hedrick, Allan Turner. Photo by Kate Dockeray.

TENT Collaboration Featured in Alchemy 

The word spreads thanks to Brittany German’s pen. The collaboration’s lead wordsmith, German (BA, Creative Writing & Publishing) is raising awareness about the impact we’re bringing to Sheridan students and Toronto’s theatre community.


Creative Problem Solving at the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals

Who doesn’t love a road trip? The mere suggestion invokes the idea of an adventure: discoveries to be unearthed, friendships formed, strengthened, deepened. All of this is exactly what happened when we took our collaboration with Toronto Fringe on the road one grey day in early November and headed west to the town of Windsor.


Thank You!

We are grateful for the funding provided by Sheridan College and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.